David Najar

Artist’s Statement

Artist Statement photo
My connection to art resides deep within me, as if it has a life of its own. I feel this connection travel from my core, down my spine and flow through my fingers. It was not until a mature age that I decided to leave more stable structures to discover what disturbs the tranquility within my soul, a process that is key to understanding my work.
I have uncovered the voice, despite my initial misgivings, and let nature take its course. By dedicating myself completely to my art, I have touched my deepest fears and passions, setting myself free.
This encounter has touched my deepest fears, primal passion and encrypted silence. The only way to set free was to paint.
The time and place are neither normative nor conventional, and their absence is very much present at finding my true center. I try to fill the original void with color, accept the unnaturalness of the fictitious nature I create, and what I interact with on my journeys. Both experiences allow me to detach from reality and recreate on the canvas.
Philosophy, the endless quest of the unknown, is reduced to words, and in its most primal form, art. I reveal images from nature, which is savage and immaculate, and reduce it, in all its glory; to reside in the limited realm which is definitely by my canvas. As I endlessly create and destroy, I am comforted by the absolute freedom in the way I paint that allows me to interact with my instincts and follow them. I am not careful when I paint, on the contrary, as the paintings progress, my expressions become more passionate, instinctive and animalistic.
Nature’s natural movement teaches us, and provides a rooted sense of contentment. The dissonance between divine scriptures and nature’s reality pique my curiosity, creating my starting point. At times, my art is like an ant inside a tunnel, organizing supplies for winter slowly accumulating, and other times it simply springs forth from a metaphysical place, an element of creation.