David Najar


David graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Social Science and has studied painting with various artists such as Moshe Rosenthalis. For years, David had been working closely with Itzchak Tarkay, exchanging ideas in the arts and painting together in their studios.


When David paints, it heals him. He keeps his own schedule and loves what he does, using both God and his love for artists like the Impressionists and the Nabis (especially Bonnard) as inspiration. For more inspiration, he listens. He paints spontaneously, using his hands instinctually to express his emotions. Through his acrylics, heavy impasto, and rubber brushes, David instinctively chooses his colors.

Drawing from previous styles, especially Impressionism, Najar uses color and texture to define the relationship between light and shadow in his paintings. Often focusing on landscapes, his compositions dance around themes of reflection. Utilizing water sources, the setting sun, and shadows, David splits images into their reflections – almost an optical illusion. He also paints figures and still lifes, focusing on very bright colors that are deepened with heavily contrasting shadow.