David Najar

David Najar is an emerging international artist. His works (oils and acrylic on canvas) present energetic movements of color and shapes, projecting scenes from nature. David describes nature as a large subject, something that is simultaneously in perfect harmony, near God, and full of beauty. While he doesn’t consider himself a philosopher, he’s pulled to the subject and feels passionate about the natural world. He once explained that, to become an artist, you don’t need to attend a formal art school but to just look around you and let nature be your instructor. He says that the modern world is so busy that everyone should slow down.

One can describe his work as “Contemporary Expressionism”. David’s paintings are sold worldwide, which have been shown in group exhibits and one-man shows in Israel, the United States, and Canada.

“You don’t need to travel far to see something worthwhile.”

Najar Born

Najar was born in Israel


Attends university to study social science.

Passion for Painting

He realizes painting is his true passion. This is a very bold decision to make for someone who comes from a background where traditionally, men take careers in business or education.

Meets Tarkay

Najar meets Itzchak Tarkay

Studio Space

Najar is invited to set up his studio in the space next to Tarkay’s studio.

Painting with Mentor, Tarkay

For seven years, he paints five days week with his mentor, Tarkay.