David Najar

David Najar Featured in Park West Gallery’s Holiday Sale

Need the perfect gift for the art lover in your life? Park West Gallery, the largest privately-owned art dealer, is offering artwork by David Najar and more during its Holiday Sale. More than 60 artists have works offered at special prices during the sale. Collectors can acquire works by Old Masters like Rembrandt, modern masters like Picasso…. read more

David Najar Invites You to Reflect with the Changing of the Seasons

As the seasons change, we are inevitably reminded of the passage of time and reflect on how we ourselves have changed over the years. This is the invitation David Najar extends to viewers with works such as “Seasons Change.” “Seasons Change,” and similar works such as “The Seasons,” vividly express the seasonal changes in one…. read more

David Najar’s Journey from Martial Arts to Fine Arts

When viewing the serene and tranquil artwork of David Najar, or observing his modesty during a conversation, it’s hard to imagine the artist once taught a martial art used by soldiers. Believe it or not, though, Najar worked as an instructor of Krav Maga, the self-defense combat system developed for the Israeli military, before becoming…. read more

Steps to Stay Positive by David Najar

Contemporary artist David Najar admits with a smile that he is an optimist – or at least that he tries to be one. Najar says that a “good mood means no suffering.” When he paints he feels healed, and finds inspiration from the natural beauty of the world around him. By studying Najar’s philosophy and…. read more

Artist’s Statement

My connection to art resides deep within me, as if it has a life of its own. I feel this connection travel from my core, down my spine and flow through my fingers. It was not until a mature age that I decided to leave more stable structures to discover what disturbs the tranquility within my soul, a process…. read more